Switch D-Link


Cod. DES-3200-28P
Caratteristiche principali:
  • N° porte LAN: 24
  • Gestibile:
  • Standard: Fast Ethernet
  • PoE:
  • Formato: Montabile su rack
  • Compatibilità: PC
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Informazioni dettagliate sul prodotto

The DES-3200 Series is a member of D-Link’s Layer 2 Managed Switch family designed for the enterprise market. This Series provides 10/16/24/48 Fast Ethernet ports plus 2/4 combo Gigabit/SFP slots. The DES-3200-10/18 comes in a 9-inch desktop size and incorporates a fanless design suitable for silent environments. The DES-3200-28/52 provide copper connections on Fast Ethernet, an advantage when used for Metro Ethernet applications. They also offer the beneficial design of 2/4 Gigabit/SFP Combo slots which provide up to 4 Gbps uplink bandwidth or dual Ethernet ring topology support. The DES-3200-28P/52P are IEEE 802.3af /802.3at -compliant switches that provide 15.4W in every port and up to 30 W on a number of ports for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications that require extra power.

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certification for Carriers and Internet Service Providers
D-Link pioneers the industry by receiving the first round of MEF 21 for the DES-3200 Series. The MEF 21 certification guarantees that the DES-3200 Series meets the highest standards on OAM (Operations Administration Maintenance). The Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) feature provides tools to monitor and troubleshoot end-to-end Ethernet networks, allowing service providers to check connectivity, isolate network issues, and identify affected customers without sending a support technician on site. D-Link Unidirectional Link Detection (DULD) provides discovery mechanisms based on IEEE 802.3ah to discover unidirectional traffic issues that can affect fibre links.

Security & Availability
The DES-3200 Series supports 802.1x Port-based/Host-based Access Control, Guest VLAN, RADIUS and TACACS+ Authentication for strict access control over the network. The IP-MAC-Port Binding feature allows administrators to bind a source IP address with an associated MAC for a defined port number to enhance user access control. Furthermore with the DHCP Snooping feature, the switch automatically understands the IP/MAC pairs by snooping DHCP packets and saving them to the IMPB white list. These features play a significant role in keeping the network secure and auditable. The built-in D Link Safeguard Engine identifies and prioritizes “CPU interested” packets to prevent malicious traffic from interrupting normal network flows and protects switch operation. In addition, the Access Control List (ACL) feature enhances the network security and switch performance.

Resilience / Performance Enhancement
For mission critical environments the DES-3200 series supports Spanning Tree (STP), Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) and Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP). STP allows you to configure the switch with redundant backup bridge path, so transmission and reception of data frames can be guaranteed in the event of any failed switch on the network. The Series also supports Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), enabling you to group multiple ports in parallel to form a single port, increasing bandwidth and redundancy for higher availability. For Quality of Service (QoS), the DES-3200 supports advanced packet classification is based on TOS, DSCP, MAC address, IP addresses, VLAN ID, TCP/UDP port number, protocol type and user-defined packet content. This enables flexible configuration for specific multi-media applications such as IPTV. Additionally, the DES-3200 Series supports automatic, effective QoS function for voice traffic with the Auto Voice VLAN feature, which automatically places voice traffic into a dedicated VLAN with higher priority to guarantee the quality and security of voice conversations.

Traffic & Bandwidth Control
The Bandwidth Control feature allows network administrators to define the throughput levels for each port in order to manage bandwidth. It also provides fine granularity to define the ingress/egress traffic limits down to 62.5 kbps segments. Bandwidth can also be effectiv

Scheda tecnica

Tipo e velocità porte LAN

RJ-45 10/100 Mbps

Numero porte LAN


Numero porte uplink Fibra / Ottiche (slot SFP)


Numero porte uplink RJ-45 10/100/1000


Numero porte uplink 10Gb


Numero porte fruibili contemporaneamente (LAN + uplink)


Porta Console


Caratteristiche Tecniche



Supporto Routing (Layer 3)


Quality Of Service (QOS)


Vlan supportate


Modalità Stacking

Stacking virtuale

Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)


Numero porte POE


Potenza massima singola porta POE

0 W

Potenza massima totale porte PoE


Caratteristiche Fisiche

Altezza massima

44 mm

Larghezza massima

441 mm

Profondità massima

308 mm


0 gr



Colore Chassis



Alimentatore incluso


Power Supply


Consumo energetico

12,7 W

Porta Redundant Power Supply (RPS)


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Switch D-Link


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